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By Editor 17-Mar-2021


Society for Aerospace  Maritime and Defence Studies (SAMDeS India) in association with FICCI will organize an e-symposium on 'AI for Air Warriors' on 5th April 2021. Eminent practitioners of Artificial Intelliegence drawn from the global academia and business world will come together with indian experts to share their views on arming the Air Warrior to fight win the new Age AI driven war.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) has emerged as a new paradigm in nearly all activities of human beings. Experts have predicted that AI, when it gets comprehensively networked, will significantly amplify human effectiveness both in peace and war.

AI is becoming a critical constituent of modern warfare. Compared with conventional systems, military systems equipped with AI are capable of handling extensively large volumes of data in a very efficient manner. More importantly, AI improves self-control and self-actuation of combat systems due to its inherently high computing and decision-making capabilities. Applications of this trend were evident in the recent Azerbaijan and Armenia conflict, where unmanned and manned systems teamed together to create war winning asymmetries in the application of air power. AI systems were also integrated into combat operations to successfully identify insurgent targets in Iraq and Syria.

Use of AI technologies in air forces are particularly significant. In AI enabled applications, human-machine integration will support galloping trends in the effectiveness of air power. Such integrated packages would imply some elements within the package would be AI-operated with autonomous liberty, while some others will be AI systems with a ‘human-in-the-loop’.

Traget Recognition and Targeting capabilities has seen a quantum improvement and are true force multipliers through AI enabled systems with capability of autonomous target recognition, selection and engagement. Such engagement processes with AI control are significantly more rapid, accurate and precise. Additionally, AI technology can be effectively utilised for related combat operations such as autonomous airspace management, combat search and rescue operations etc.

AI is already being used for applications such as logistics control of military hardware and its predictive maintenance, cyber warfare, drone warfare, ISR; asset management, personnel management and even routine activities which utilise heavy manpower and valuable time to administer. Creatively leveraging existing AI algorithms solutions that would automate such activities will free up scarce resources to focus on the core competencies of air forces which are - air dominance, strike, air mobility and ISR.

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