WINGBOX of MC-21 Aircraft Made of Russian Composites Successfully Passes Crucial Stage of Static Tests

By Editor 04-Apr-2022


Irkut Corporation (part of Rostec’s UAC) and the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) of the “Zhukovsky Institute” National Research Center have successfully completed the crucial stage of static tests for the wingbox of MC-21 aircraft made of Russian composite polymer materials. The test results showed that the actual strength properties of the product matched the calculated values.


“Developing civil aviation requires harmonized cooperation of science and industry. We created an advanced experimental facility at TsAGI and it is run by a team of top professionals. Thus, we can run a great number of trials under the MC-21 innovation program in cooperation with Irkut Corporation staff,” said Kirill Sypalo, TsAGI General Director, correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The wingbox is made by JSC AeroKompozit, a subsidiary of Irkut Corporation (part of Rostec’s UAC).

The domestic composite materials for the load-bearing wing structure were developed with the participation of scientists from Moscow State University  and Rosatom, as well as aviation industry experts. MC-21-300 aircraft with the wing made of Russian composite materials made its maiden flight on December 25, 2021. Prior to the flight, it went through a large set of ground tests showing that domestic composite materials matched the criteria set for aircraft components.