Rafael to Show Strength at Singapore Airshow 2018

By Editor 30-Jan-2018


Israel’s leading defence manufacturer, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd will display the company’s latest technological innovations at the Singapore Airshow 2018. Rafael, in a statement, has announced the company is celebrating its 70th year of innovative breakthrough, and is proud to present an array of its innovative aerial capabilities and state-of-the-art systems and technologies at its exhibition stall at the airshow to be held on February 6 onwards.

In the Air Defence segment, Rafael will display its advance multi-mission interceptor Stunner. It is considered the ideal interceptor against a variety of asymmetric short-range tactical ballistic missiles, larger calibre rockets, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial systems. Stunner is the interceptor of the operational David’s Sling Air Defense System. Rafael will also display C-DOME, an operational Naval Area Defence System, designed to effectively protect combat vessels against a large set of modern threats, using the combat-proven Iron Dome Interceptor. Iron Dome is an active defence system against short-range artillery rockets, mortars and UAV’s with more than 1700 combat interceptions.

In the Air-to-Air division, the company’s full sphere IR and air defence missile Python 5 will on the display. The innovative active radar air-to-air missile I- Derby, which incorporates I-Derby software defined RF Seeker, combined with a unique increase of kinematic performance, will also be displayed at the expo. Rafael will also present its stand-off air-to-ground gliding bomb Spice 250, that is based on the company’s unique scene-matching technology for precise hits at ranges of up to 100kms. The precise tactical EO missile from Rafael’s Spike family, which has 28 customers 29000 deliveries all over the world, will also be a highlight at the expo.

Trophy, the world’s only operational, combat-proven Active Protection System for armoured platforms will be another attraction at the event. Trophy is installed on the Israel Defence Forces armoured fleet MBTs and AFVs, and was recently selected for American Army’s Abrams MBT. In the Communication division, BNET SDR Family, with unique Broadband MANET IP Software-Defined Radio for ground, vehicular and air applications, will be displayed. Reccelite XR, the real-time multi-spectral reconnaissance system for stand-in and stand-off missions, and Recce-U XR, a real-time ISR system for UAVs will be exhibited in the electro-optics category.

Another highlight at the Rafael stall will be the Drone Detection and Neutralization System. Drone Dome, designed to detect, track and neutralise drones either by jamming their communication or destroying them using laser beams, will be the main product in this category. It has a 360-degree coverage, fast response-time, causes minimal collateral interruptions to the surrounding urban environment, with maximum safety to friendly aircraft.

For promoting cybersecurity, Rafael will showcase its Cyber Dome, which is a comprehensive cyber-defence solution, tackling advanced cyber threats, campaigns and challenges. Rafael is the prime contractor of two of the Israel’s main cyber-programs -The Israeli National CERT, and the National Central Register for the Bank of Israel.

In the Data Fusion and Analysis Platform, Rafael will showcase its Wisdom Stone, which is an ancient, adaptable, scalable, robust, big data analysis platform. The platform enables the customer to reveal hidden patterns, connections and activities. It facilitates advanced tools for real-time analysis, data mining, and information visualisation capabilities. Wisdom Stone is suitable use by Defence Forces, Military, Homeland Security, Intelligence, Organisations and Enterprises.