Aneto Engine to Power Airbus’ Racer

By Editor 13-Mar-2018


Safran’s new Aneto engine has been selected by Airbus Helicopters to power its Racer (Rapid and Cost-Efficient Rotorcraft) high-speed demonstrator. Twin Aneto-1X engines will contribute significantly to the new rotorcraft’s cruise speed performance of up to 400Kmph. Unveiled in June 2017, at the Paris Airshow, Racer is a technology demonstrator funded by the European Commission’s H2020 research programme, through the Clean Sky 2 initiative. Also, the Racer will be the first rotorcraft to feature Safran’s Power Pack® Eco Mode configuration, whereby its engines exploit hybrid technologies to enable more efficient use of the power generated.

The 2,500 shp Aneto-1X is one of a family of engines unveiled last October and will offer significant benefits. With an excellent power-to-volume ratio, it delivers 25% greater power than existing engines of the same volume. This results in increased mission capabilities, especially during those requiring more power (such as offshore transport, search and rescue, fire-fighting or military transport), as well as better performance in “hot and high” conditions.

Tomasz Krysinski, Vice-President for Research and Innovation, Airbus Helicopters has said that the Aneto engine, with its innovative Eco Mode, will help Airbus to achieve the demanding performance and environmental targets set out. “It will play a key role in supporting the wider Racer demonstrator project, which brings together technologies from a wide network of more than 25 industrial, academic and research partners from across the European Union to make a significant contribution to the the European aerospace industry”, he added.

The Power Pack® Eco Mode configuration allows pilot to “pause” one engine while in the cruise, generating fuel savings of around 15% and greater mission range. Whenever needed (during acceleration, landing or autorotation for example), the idling engine is rapidly and automatically restored to full power using an innovative electric motor. Developed by Safran Electrical & Power, this motor is a high-power density electric motor that satisfy the increased safety requirements.