P&W Launches New Data Analytics Capabilities for V2500® Engines

By Editor 22-Mar-2018


Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies Corp, has launched new data analytics capabilities for its V2500 engines as a result of achieving a supplemental type certificate for the Airbus A321 aircraft powered by the V2500 engine. With the supplemental type certificate, Pratt & Whitney will be better able to develop Aftermarket services catered to customer’s needs and respond faster and better to incidents in the field utilizing the eFAST™ data ecosystem on these aircraft.

Eva Azoulay, Vice President, Engine Services at Pratt & Whitney, has said that last year, the company launched its EngineWise services brand, which represents a commitment to sharing intelligence with customers to develop the best solutions together. “With this supplemental type certificate, we are able to expand our current EngineWise data analytics capabilities for our customers currently flying the A321 aircraft and be more agile and flexible than ever before,” said Azoulay.

Under the EngineWise services brand, Pratt & Whitney is investing in data acquisition and predictive analytics tools that enable both operators and Pratt & Whitney to make recommendations that reduce operational disruptions and increase aircraft utilization. eFAST has the ability to capture thousands of engine and aircraft data parameters throughout the full flight cycle instead of snapshots at take-off and cruise, allowing for better monitoring of engine performance, minimizing disruptions and predicting future maintenance visits. Operators can then use Pratt & Whitney’s suite of engine health management tools for better visibility into their fleet and overall operations.

“We look forward to applying these new capabilities on other platforms. Digital helps us be more predictive, more mobile and more responsive in support of our customers and will continue be a major focus for us in 2018 and beyond,” said Azoulay. The V2500 engine is offered through IAE International Aero Engines AG, a multinational aero engine consortium whose shareholders comprise Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies Corporation; Pratt & Whitney Aero Engines International GmbH; Japanese Aero Engines Corporation; and MTU Aero Engines GmbH.