Russia to Supply Ignition Systems for Chinese Civil Aircrafts

By Editor 22-Mar-2018


Technodinamika Holding Company, part of Rostec State Corporation, will soon supply ignition systems for Chinese civil aircraft engines. Technodinamika, which specializes in the manufacturing and after-sales service of aircraft systems and aggregates, and the Chinese company AVIC Shaanxi Aero Electric Co., Ltd. have signed a cooperation protocol on the design and manufacturing of ignition systems and their components.

The agreement envisages a role for Technodinamika (JSC “Molniya” Ufa Research and Development Enterprise) as a partner in engineering the ignition system for engines that are to be installed in Chinese narrow-body short- and medium-haul civil aircrafts. In addition, there are plans to evaluate a potential contract for the supply of special mica-paper capacitors manufactured by Technodinamika for using in ignition aggregates designed and produced by SAEC.

At this stage, it is planned to supply no less than 200 ignition systems for civil aircrafts engines, and at least 1000 capacitors. After the signing of the protocol, Igor Nasenkov, CEO, Technodinamika, has said that such keen interest from the Chinese partners to Technodinamika products are the proof of the quality and competitiveness of the company’s items. “We expect our cooperation to develop in the future, with a growing number of joint projects,” he said.

A meeting between representatives of AVIC SAEC and Rostec State Corporation, and the management of JSC Technodinamika and JSC “Molniya” Ufa Research and Development Enterprise has been held in July 2017 at MAKS 2017 International Aviation & Space Salon.  The main outcome of the meeting has been a decision to develop cooperation in the field of civil aircraft systems and aggregates engineering.