Geared up for the Future

By Editor 2020


Could you reveal the core strength of Southern Electronics?
Our core strength has been a vibrant presence in Indian Aerospace and Space Industry for almost 50 years and serving HAL, ISRO and Defence establishments with indigenous products developed from the concept stage. Based on our past performance, we are geared up for the future with our design capability, wide infrastructure, host of technologically advanced products and reliable testing & quality processes.

What technology, product and support do you offering to Indian Civil, Military and space sector?
We support major programmes in multiple engineering disciplines for Defence PSUs, including Cheetah, Chetak, Cheetal Helicopters, Light Combat Aircraft, Jaguar Aircraft, Advanced Light Helicopter, SU-30 Aircraft, MIG/Mirage Aircraft, Kiran Aircraft, IJT and other programmes. We offer Avionics, Bay Servicing Equipment, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Aircraft Fire Detection and Warning Systems, Cable Harness and Looms, Aircraft Switches and Acoustic Products. Our product range is growing every 2-3 years and we have established ourselves as reliable partners in our domain.

 Share your thoughts on how indigenous production in the Defence and Aerospace sector can be boosted in general?
Indian Aerospace Industry is well placed in terms of capability to support indigenous production for Defence and Aerospace sector. However, the cost of technology transfer is high and is a barrier to develop assemblies to serve legacy and current aircrafts. We will need support of Defence PSUs to obtain the technology from foreign entities and facilitate Indian Aerospace manufacturers to adopt them for replacement of such critical assemblies. There can be tri-partite contracts to limit use of technology contracts which will benefit all. The legacy aircraft will benefit from the adoption of new technology from foreign entities developed by Indian suppliers. 

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