Siemens Holds SCADA/IPC Days 2018

By Editor 24-Mar-2018

Photo - Russell Barnes, Johann Strobl, Bernd Staufer, Kevin Lewis, Michael Steigberger, Thorsten Julich, and Bernd Raithel, who were presenters at the event.

In order to introduce new products, discuss emerging technology and market trend outlooks, Siemens has hosted SCADA/IPC Days 2018 at the Riverwalk Westin in San Antonio in February. Approximately 130 people have gathered for four days of product presentations, emerging technology discussions and a market trend outlook at the Siemens Factory Automation event.  Members of the Siemens management, sales and support team have joined their Solution Partners and a diverse assortment of end user companies from various market segments to review new product offerings in the IPC segment of the Siemens portfolio, plus a number of new platforms in the SCADA segment. 

A series of presentations have been made to the entire group by Siemens management and technical thought leaders, covering the digital factory strategy and the company’s forward-thinking move to Digitalization, the current theme for the Siemens marketing message across its entire industrial platform.  Kevin Lewis, Russell Barnes, Thorsten Julich, Bernd Raithel, Michael Steigberger, Bernd Staufer and Tom Elswick have been the key speakers. The primary message takeaway for the group has been that digitalisation will hallmark the factory of the future and SCADA will be the “digital doorway for data” in that rapid evolutionary process, as it impacts all industries, both discrete and process. 

There have been presentations on cloud computing and edge computing, the constituent elements of the Digitalization trend, comprising both hardware and software elements.  This discussion has led directly into the program’s introduction of various new thin client IPC product offerings and the latest version of SIMATIC WinCC SCADA systems.