MKU Offers Electro-Optical Solutions

By Editor 14-Apr-2018

MKU, which has always endeavoured in bringing newer state of the art cutting edge latest defence technologies, showcased its latest Electro Optical devices at booth No. 2.1 in Hall 4, DefExpo 2018. MKU has realised the growing need of modernizing army with latest trends in technology way ahead in time and started charting out its course in the direction by diligently studying international trends and scoping out latest technologies in “Force Multiplier” domains that play a very critical and important role in increasing the lethality & survivability quotients of the soldiers in combat theatres.

Electro Optical devices are undoubtedly vital force multiplier tool whose importance has been realized by armies all over the world. Having established its international footprint and core competency in Personal and platform protection domains, in 2012 MKU ventured out into manufacturing of Electro Optical range of devices for the defence and paramilitary forces of the country. It started by indigenously developing and designing 3rd generation Image Intensifier technology-based hand held and weapon mountable devices. These devices give the combat edge to the soldiers under severe low light conditions when visibility is near zero to detect, identify and recognise potential threats.

With the government’s strong emphasis on Make in India initiative; MKU has established state of the art manufacturing and R&D facility at Kanpur which is JS5555 & MIL STD 810G certified and is compliant with host of other statutory quality and operational standards. In line with IDDM initiative of the government, MKUs’ EO range of devices have more than 50% of indigenous content. Entire IPR ownership of its range of devices rests with MKU. MKU is about to invest heavily into manufacturing of sensor technologies within India for Image Intensifier and Thermal Imaging based devices, with the end objective being to indigenously develop and design Fusion and Laser based devices within India.

 MKU’s NETRO range of advanced, compact, lightweight and rugged night vision devices based on image intensification technology assist soldiers to stay ahead in harsh conditions by offering crucial vantage points even in pitch darkness. NETRO NC-3000 is a 3rd generation night vision bi-ocular that comes with image intensifier tube of highest quality available. It is a high performance, water-resistant IP 68 bi-ocular that is lightweight and efficient. NETRO NM-3000 is a multifunctional night vision monocular, which is rugged, waterproof, ultra-light weight compact surveillance and observation device. The device can be used as helmet-mounted, head-mounted, weapon mounted, camera mounted and can also be hand-held.

MKU’s progression in field of electro-optics, especially thermal imaging technology helps armed forces respond and carry out missions faster than ever before. Sensor technology rich thermal imaging device by MKU detect minute differences in heat to produce images without the need of any visible light. MKU’s NETRO TW-4000 is a sighting device equipped with high resolution thermal imaging camera and in-built system for marking range. NETRO TW-4000 is MIL STD 1913 compliant and can be mounted on a range of arms, varying from small arms to heavier weapons as well.