Pursuing Growth in System Integration

By Editor 14-Jun-2018

VEM Technologies has been building the Indigenous technologies, competencies and supporting the services to become the global base production partner. Our focus has been to make the organisation a Large Systems Integrator and all our efforts since the inception were only to build many a technologies & system engineering in-house and concurrently build the infrastructure. VEM is consistently maintaining a growth path year on year, says V Venkata Raju, CMD, VEM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He speaks with Aeromag about the latest operations of the company.


1. 2018 marks the completion of VEM Technologies’ three decades of service in various technological domains by becoming one of the most reliable technological partners for the defence and aerospace Industry. On this occasion, could you share with us your success story?

It’s been a long journey. Our focus has been to make the organisation a Large Systems Integrator and all our efforts since the inception were only to build many a technologies & system engineering in-house and concurrently build the infrastructure.  We are successful in both which resulted in development of Avionics, Servos, Fuses, RF, IIR and Laser Seekers, EO systems, inertial systems, Radars and Propulsion systems etc., placed VEM in prominent position followed by Indigenous Anti Tank Guided Missile System & Fuses. VEM is consistently maintaining a growth path year on year.

2. VEM is coming out with an Aerocity, a green field project, to cater to Aerospace and defence systems. Could you shed more light onto the project?

VEM Aerospace is to house Large Infrastructure and full-fill the gaps of Aerospace and Defence production requirements. As VEM is truly an Aerospace & Defence Company, VEM Aerocity is being built to make every integration of system, Weapon systems, Complex Fuselages, Radars, irrespective of Defence & Aeronautics with its full fledged 360 Degree aerospace manufacturing facility including energetics.

As you know, VEM is first in the private defence industry to get through with an industrial license for both Cold & Hot integration. Aerocity will have the state of the art facilities including Energetics, Precision Optics, Precision Gearing, High precision Medium and Large Machining centres, Composites etc. The facility will be supported by Eco-System with the Electro-plating, heat treatment and machining centres.

3. VEM has significant experience in providing technological solutions to defence and aerospace Industry. Could you talk about the recent achievements?

Thanks to DRDO, VEM has been in to the design & development of various systems and sub-systems for Missiles, UAVs, LGBs, Radar, Aircrafts, & Helicopters with end applications for Land, Air and Naval. The developments of RF Seekers & IIR & Laser Seekers, EO systems are such achievements.

VEM is an established Offset Partner and did good value of exports regularly to the renowned foreign OEMs across the world. VEM is thus an established supplier to the global players.

 Development of Laser Seekers and IIR Seekers has been completed and the field trails are due in 2018-19. Development of indigenous ATGM, AsiBal is also fast coming up and is scheduled for validation & field trails during the financial year.

4. VEM has specialised in the design and development of Laser guided Bombs and Seeker Systems. Could you talk about the latest initiatives and products in this respect?

VEM is into the range of RF Seekers, Laser Seekers, and IIR Seekers, for Missiles and LGBs respectively. We are the production partner of Laser Guided Rockets with Raytheon and Un-guided Rockets will be produced along with General Dynamics, USA. We have plans to produce the LGBs with our foreign partner who are the global leaders in the segment.

5. VEM has been a supplier of various products to many PSUs. Could you elaborate on these relationships? Also, please talk about the order book position?

Thanks to BDL & BrahMos & HAL, VEM is the one of the major production partners and produces the required scheduled quantities for their respective production programmes. VEM has a very healthy order book and owing to confidentialities, we can not disclose the figures. VEM, being System Company with end to end design and manufacturing facilities for the manufacture of landing gears, Generators, Servo Systems and Avionics besides, Complex structures of Mechanical and composites.

6. What is the future roadmap for VEM Technologies? What are the priorities and objectives for VEM in the coming years?

VEM has products for current, future and regular production. Building the Indigenous technologies and becoming the global base production partner, building competencies and supporting the services.

VEM is focussed on the production AsiBal and make the base ready for the range of missile systems.  We are pitching in the weapon systems, Rockets and LGBs with our foreign partners and we are positive about the prospects in the field. Another key important area for VEM is to offer Platform based solutions for Helicopters.