Offering Military-Grade Protection

By Anantha Narayanan K 14-Jun-2018

SAARC Cases are the proven solutions to store and transport expensive defence equipment. We are one of the prominent manufacturers of military-standard cases in India. Over the last two decades, we have established as a leader in the supply of high-protection cases and containers to several defence firms, both private and public. We aspire to meet the defence requirements locally and overseas markets with ‘Make in India’ as our primary goal. Our objective is to become a world-class manufacturer of military-grade containers and ensure that ‘men and weapons are always battle-ready’, says P Murugesan, MD, SAARC Tool Tech Pvt. Ltd. He shares with Aeromag the details of company’s operations and future plans.

1. Over the past 25 years, SAARC Cases has established as a proven specialist in manufacturing military grade cases in India. Could you share with us the success story?

The journey of SAARC Cases has started in the 90’s in Bangalore with the supply of small machines and pressing components to Bharat Electronics. Over a period, we realised the major role played by packing boxes in the protection of defence equipment and the dominance of imported boxes in defence sector. We have started the production activities and found an opportunity in many projects including the BFSR (Battle Field Surveillance Radar) Project. We have setup a small manufacturing plant with just Four Moulds in a cowshed in Coimbatore. It has grown gradually and established as a well-equipped integrated plant at SIDCO, Malumichampatti, Coimbatore in the year 2005. With continuous R&D efforts, we have multiplied the moulds and started supplying to entire defence sector with CEMILAC & DGAQA certification.  SAARC Cases is continuing its journey by producing the finest military grade cases for the protection of defence equipment and systems.

2. Could you give an overview of the range of products by SAARC Cases?

SAARC cases produces containers that are eco-friendly (reusable, recyclable), waterproof, lightweight, shockproof and dustproof meeting Military Standard Specifications (MIL 810G). SAARC Cases have 100+ moulds to meet customers’ emergency requirements. Our range of products starts from small (255 X 175 X 120 mm) pistol cases to large missile boxes ranging up to 7 metres long which can carry load up to 1.7 Tons. We also manufacture Double Lid Cases, which are designed to protect Special Electronics Equipment on field, and specially designed Aero Engine containers.

3. Please elaborate on the role played by the military containers of SAARC Cases in protecting the electronic and weapon systems of the armed forces.

SAARC Cases are the proven solutions to store and transport expensive defence equipment such as Radar, Communication, Electro optical, Medical and Navigational equipment, Guns, Missiles, Explosives, Mines and Fuses. Our cases help the equipment and weapons to withstand the rigorous field transportation and environmental conditions and thereby ensure their battle readiness.

4. Could you talk about your clients and the various products delivered to them? Also, please talk about your order book position?

SAARC Cases have been designing manufacturing & supplying containers to several public and private defence firms in India. Our major clients include DRDO laboratories like ARDE, DARE, ADE, GTRE, RCI, etc. and defence PSUs such as BEL, HAL, Ordnance Factories, AF, BDL, BEML. Our private customers include L&T, TATA, SAMTEL, AMWPL, etc.We have a healthy order book for next year.

5. How does SAARC Cases support the Make in India programme?

We have huge opportunities in the segment that is dominated by imports. We strive to support the Make in India initiative and intends to reduce the imports of military cases. We are looking for great opportunities with the government pushing ‘Make in India’ programme. SAARC Cases aims to replace poor packing cases, (like Wooden, Card board, FRP, metals. etc. with our military-grade containers. We aspire to meet the defence requirements locally and overseas markets with ‘Make in India’ as our primary goal.

6. Could you share with us your vision and priorities for SAARC Cases to achieve further growth? What are the aims to be achieved in the coming years?

Our objective is to become a world-class manufacturer of military-grade containers, with a superior technology ensuring safety, transportation and storage to ensure that ‘men and weapons are always battle-ready’. We aim to bring the most innovative offerings in military grade packing containers meeting toughest requirements for defence forces and intend to serve our customers through long-term collaborations.Our mission is to adopt the world's ‘best in Class’ and innovative methods to achieve our vision.

7. Could you talk about SAARC Cases’ latest products?

Missile containers

We are working with various prestigious missile projects, by supplying ‘state of the art’, Missile storage and transport containers.These types of containers are mainly designed to ship heavy, lengthy volumetric products like Missiles, Torpedoes, Bombs Etc., which weigh from 100 Kg to 1.7 Tons and length up to 7m. These containers could be designed to meet shock level of 15g +. Our Containers are eco-friendly (reusable, recyclable) and MIL 810G compliant.

Aero Engine Cases

We work with DPSU’s to supply speciality containers for transport of Aero Engines and Satellite Modules. These containers are specially designed to protect delicate and critical equipment's safe transportation without any eventualities. The cases are designed to meet Shock level 15g to 30g and are based on needs of criticality (Shock Proof, Water proof, Dust proof Etc.,).

Remote Area Lighting system

Our RAL solutions are robust, collapsible, portable. The mobile lighting unit has light output up to 18,000 Lumen in battery model and 48,000 in Generator model. It has the capability of Quick Deployment (Less than 3.5 minutes by a single person) and comes with high quality Manually Operated Pneumatic Mast, LED Lights, Battery, Electronic Multi Source Controller/ Charger all enclosed in MIL Grade PE Container, and easily portable platform with wheels. The mast and the lamp may be detached from the base giving compact transportation dimensions. It has multiple charging options including from 230V AC, Generators, any suitable DC source like vehicle battery or Solar panels.  The RAL is ideal for forward positions and emergency situations.

            Soldier Combat Polymer Trunk Case (MTC) 

It is a good replacement of soldiers’ trunk (tin) case.  MTC is a great protection for personal belongings and are waterproof, heatproof, dustproof etc., Soldier Combat Polymer Trunk Case has MIL Grade (Military Grade) specifications for soldiers in Defence and Para Military Forces. Soldier’s MTC (Foot Locker) is normally used for keeping soldier’s personal belongings in a safe, secure manner avoiding natural elements. MTC is an all-weather case and can withstand -20 C to + 75 C. 

The same can be used as a multipurpose case for civilian use also. MTC can be used by students for storing books and belongings, sportsmen for keeping sports equipment, musicians to safe keep instruments while traveling , climbers for gear, tool technicians for toolkits, videographers, audiographers for safe keeping their equipment while transit, Doctors and Medical Professionals for mobile medical equipment, Bankers for transporting cash and documents, Telecom professionals for transporting equipment, hobby enthusiasts for storing and moving drones & surveillance equipment, Mechanics to store tool kits for servicing or Engine repairs, Legal Persons and Police for safekeeping evidences in a crime investigation and the possibilities are endless.