Perseverance in Refits of Ships, Subs the Hallmark of Krasny

By Editor 18-Jan-2020

Krasny Defence Technologies set a milestone in 1995 by bagging the refit of ICGS Vivek. It was the first Indian Coast Guard vessel to be refitted by a private company and the Company has gone from strength to strength since then

Krasny Defence Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Krasny) was established by Cdr. V.G. Jayaprakasan in 1995 with the main aim of utilizing the core competence of ex-servicemen. Having vast experience acquired from the Indian Navy, he decided to focus initially on the refits of ships and submarines. Cdr Jayaprakasan’s determination, grit and perseverance were instrumental in Krasny bagging the refit of ICGS Vivek in 1995. This was a landmark as ICGS Vivek was the first Indian Coast Guard vessel to be refitted by a private company.

The refit was a huge success and from then on there was no looking back for the Company. Over the years, Krasny has undertaken refits, both on the western and eastern Coasts of India, and has so far successfully completed the refits of over 40 Coast Guard vessels.

Having commenced ship repairs in Mumbai, the company has gradually spread its operations to Goa, Karwar, Kochi, Visakhapatnam and even undertaken refits at Gujarat and Paradip. To its credit, on two separate occasions Krasny has undertaken concurrent refits of three Coast Guard vessels in 2011 at Porbandar / Kandla, Mumbai and Visakhapatnam and on the second instance concurrent refits of two Coast Guard vessels in 2015 at Mumbai and Visakhapatnam respectively, thereby amply demonstrating the Company’s capacity, financial adequacy, technical capability, infrastructure and management prowess in undertaking simultaneous refits of three or more ships. Despite having infrastructure constraints such as berthing and dry dock facilities, Krasny still maintains the unique distinction of having undertaken almost all refits on or before time.