Seonics: Marking its Presence in Skies and Space

By Editor 15-Feb-2020

Suppliers of technologically-advanced aerospace and defence products, Southern Electronics (Seonics) believes that innovation is the key driver to revenues and long-term sustainability.

For almost 50 years, Southern Electronics (Seonics) has been one of the renowned suppliers of technologically-advanced aerospace and defence products. The Company designs, manufactures and services best-in-class products and systems for military aircraft, helicopters and other platforms. It has expert engineering talent and deploys the most rigorous processes to ensure safe and reliable program execution. Over the years, Seonics has delivered Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Thermal and Combination of systems and technologies for various military aircraft.

Seonics believes that innovation is the key driver to revenues and long-term sustainability. Towards this end, the Company has invested in Research & Development of cutting-edge technologies in electronics, electromechanical systems, automation, reverse engineering, simulation, prototyping and indigenisation for self-reliance.
It has capabilities in Avionics, Bay Servicing Equipment, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Aircraft Fire Warning and Fire Suppression Systems, Cable Harness and Looms, Aircraft Switches and Acoustic Products. Precision Manufacturing and Assembly, Toolroom, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Injection Molding, Special Purpose Machines customised for applications, Metrology and CMM, NABL-accredited Testing and Laboratory, MRO services for aircraft wheels and brakes, landing gears, and heat exchangers are among the facilities available. The Company has also established a Southern Electronics Emerging Technologies Division (SEED) to focus on current and emerging trends and applications to prune existing products and expand its product portfolio.

Civil portfolio
Seonics being the market leader in design, development, manufacture, assembly, testing and service of advanced technologies for defence organisations, also offers engineering products for non-aerospace customers. Its range of Safety & Fire Engineering systems and equipment include Fire Detection and Suppression Systems, Road Safety Equipment for Fleets of HTVs, Ozonators for Air and Water Purification, Power Supply and Transformers and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for civil use. The Company also offers Metrology & CMM, and NABL Laboratory services to its clients.
Seonics has an excellent team of experts and engineers with skills in electronics, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and combinations working on testing, design, quality manufacturing, production, assembly, project management, installation and service areas.
Being active in strategic alliances and seeking to forge partnerships across the world to improve quality and technology used in its products, Seonics is currently partnering with FACTEM for Acoustic and Sound Engineering Products for Indian Defence Organisations.
Moreover, Seonics is committed to and contributes to the health and environment by using 100% solar energy and rainwater harvesting for its Bangalore location.

Brief history of the firm
In 1971, Seonics began as an ancillary for Electro-Magnetic Components. The Company supplied Pot-Meters and Switches for radios and transmitters made by Philips and Nelco and electrical meters for various Indian State Electricity Boards.  In the early 1980s, Seonics developed Indigenous communication and Avionics systems for various Aircraft and Helicopters.
During 2000- 2020, the expansion of Seonics was driven by emerging opportunities to further consolidate on the early successes and the Company invested in CAD/CAM/CAE Engineering Design Center, Precision Manufacturing, NABL Accredited Laboratory & CEMILAC Approved Products, Fire Detection and Suppression Systems, Ozonators, Aviation Headsets, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Fibre Optic Sensors & Cable Harness.  Precision Manufacturing augmented existing engineering capabilities by state-of-the-art Multi-Axis Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Turn Mills, Grinding Machines, Conventional Machines, Injection Molding Machines, Hydraulic and Mechanical Presses.

Seonics is at the forefront of Design, Manufacturing and Testing capabilities and is equipped with the requisite Quality Certifications for its products. Among the certifications received by the Company are, AS9100D Certificate -  (2012 to 2021); NABL Accreditation Certificate - (2019 - 2021); Center for Military Airworthiness and Certification - for Design Approval (2018-2021); Center for Military Airworthiness and Certification - for Test House Approval (2018); Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance - for Design, Development and Production, Major Repair and Overhaul - (2018-2021)

 Seonics infrastructure
Seonics is well-equipped with Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, and Testing Infrastructure at the Bangalore facility.  The firm employs cutting-edge technology in design OrCAD PSpice and Ansys AIM for Simulation and Analysis,  Solidworks for Product Design, AutoCAD for Computer-Aided-Design, MasterCAM 2019 for CNC Programming, Delcam 2019 for CNC Programming, UGNX 11 & 12 Version for 5 Axis Machining, Power Mill 2010 and Power Shape 2010 for Computer-Aided- Manufacturing.
Along with having over 10,000 Square Feet Electronics Assembly space and a Clean Room of 100,000 Class with over 200 Engineers involved in producing Electronics Assemblies & Mechanical Assemblies, the Company possesses a Metrology Lab which has Gantry CMM Machine, Environmental Testing, Humidity Chamber, Altitude Chamber, Hot and Cold Chamber, Super Oven and Vibration Machine. In addition, Seonics has Precision Manufacturing, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Injection Moulding and Toolroom to augment the above capabilities.